We Want Your Broken Marketing Data

Well, more accurately, we want to connect your hidden data into meaningful marketing and sales insights. We tell you which campaigns, programs, and messaging are your best bets for revenue generation.

Stop using data quality as an excuse to achieve progress. Don’t use data confidence as a reason to ignore conversion rates or forecasting.

When we first engage with companies, as consultants, as employees, or as a service provider, we go hunting for data. We never have to look far as data is produced by every piece of software. We want the data because that is where the hidden insights are that we tease out.

There are two types of “broken” data we encounter.

  1. Data that is not recorded and saved
  2. Data streams from different software that are not pulled together

Data that is not recorded and saved.

The secret here is timestamping. We go to every system and ensure that timestamps are occurring. Every touch. Every status or stage change. Every interaction. This is often easy enough and we look to our sales and marketing operation partners to capture all this first-party data.

Even if every interaction isn’t recorded that doesn’t mean you should ignore what you do have. That is a fatal flaw. We hear the fallacy “oh my data isn’t perfect so we can’t use it”. So the same person uses NO data to make decisions. Full data > Partial data > No data aka guessing.

With even partial recordings in place then we can move to the second issue.

Data streams from different software that are disconnected.

Prior to building Growegy, we did what most people attempt; we cobbled together software to look for the meaning in the data. Here’s what we used to do.

  • We assigned a connecting ID to any prospect’s data in each system.
  • We pulled and joined the data in spreadsheets.
  • We pushed this data into the CRM system to make a source of truth
  • We exported the reports and data back into spreadsheets or small databases to run queries on
  • We met with every marketer to capture current and planned marketing activity
  • We added a visual layer to host the charts, goals, and analysis we ran and published it to the company
  • We ran a custom algorithm to predict time-based results on whether we would hit goals

That’s the playbook for most marketing teams, born out of desperation to prove that marketing is an investment. This was a very involved system (read:painful) which required dedicated staff, too many meetings, and time.

Despite the downside, it produced powerful insights that changed the course of many marketing plans and helped us to consistently find success.

Our best practice for connecting data involves staying aligned with sales. So we still focus on the CRM and pump as much data as possible into it so marketing influence is tracked end-to-end. That said, the difference in our approach is that we built a single system that correlates the data and presents it visually so that we don’t have to buy multiple tools and do custom coding.

So, yes, we really do want your “broken” data.

Instead of guessing what is or isn’t working, or having to wait to hire, or waiting until you have the bandwidth, we can add that capacity far faster and cost effectively.

Marketing is an investment; we can help you prove it.

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