Google Calendar Integration Manual


You may set up a real-time, two-way integration between Growegy and Google Calendar, so Growegy will reflect your programs and tasks into a newly created Secondary Google Calendar helping you be up-to-date with all activities scheduled! This automatically syncs programs and associated tasks owned by you, as well as tasks from other programs assigned to you.


Initial Growegy Setup
  1. Navigate to Growegy web application > Settings > Calendar Sync.

  2. Find the Google Calendar tile and click Connect.

3. Select your Google account. If you have not connected an account, select Use another account and follow the steps to authorize Growegy to access your Google account.

4. When authorizing Google Calendar, a popup appears requesting access for Growegy to

a. see the list of you calendars
b. see, add, and remove Google calendars you’re subscribed to
c. make secondary Google calendars, and see, create, change and delete events on them.

5. Click Continue.

6. Allow several minutes for Growegy to get information about your programs and tasks.

7. You’ll see the results within your Google Calendar. Growegy creates a new secondary calendar for its data so all your other calendars you owned remain untouched.

Manual Growegy Calendar Resync

After an initial setup is completed Growegy will track and automatically export into the connected Google Calendar:

  • Programs owned by you

  • Tasks assigned on you

  • Tasks within programs you own

However, you can select Resync to explicitly ask Growegy export from scratch all yours programs and tasks. Allow several minutes for Growegy to finish resync procedure and observe all your data within your Google Calendar.

How it works

After you synchronize your with your Google Calendar, all the marketing programs and tasks assigned to you in Growegy will appear on your Google Calendar.

The tasks and marketing programs shared with Google Calendar can only be created in Growegy.

Changing dates for Marketing Programs

If at any point, you need to change the dates for Growegy programs that are assigned to you, drag it to the right date in either calendar, and both calendars will be updated.

Note: only the programs that you own in Growegy will appear on your Google Calendar.  

Changing dates for Growegy Tasks

If you need to change the dates for Growegy Tasks, drag the task to the right date in your Google or Growegy Calendar and both calendars will be updated.

 Note: when you own a Growegy Marketing Program, all the tasks associated with this program will appear on your Google Calendar, regardless of who is responsible for completing the tasks.

Task status

Once you finish a task, mark it as “done” in Growegy, then your Google Calendar will indicate it as well. Finished tasks display ✅ in their titles, while open tasks have ◻️ in their titles for your convenience. 
Note: at this point the task status can only be changed in Growegy, not in Google Calendar.

Programs and Tasks Deletion

Deleting a task or program in Growegy will completely remove it from your Google Calendar. But if you delete a synced task or program in Google Calendar, it will be transferred to the Unscheduled section in Growegy.

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