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Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide has been designed to help you quickly and easily get up and running with Growegy.

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Growegy AI

Get recommendations on the best content, checklists, how-to, and more. Our AI gives you relevant answers relative to your business industry and customer profile.

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Outlook Calendar Connection 1

Microsoft Outlook Calendar Integration

Enable real-time, two-way synchronization between Outlook Calendar and Growegy. This integration ensures that both the programs you own and their associated tasks, as well as tasks assigned to you in other programs, are seamlessly synced.

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Smart Due Dates

Automatically move the task’s due date when you reschedule your program. Now you can attach due dates to a start or end program date, and when you move the program to other days, the task’s due dates will be adjusted as well.

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Step 5. Integration

Salesforce Integration

The Salesforce integration allows you to connect marketing programs to Salesforce campaigns to understand how many leads are added as campaign members and compare the projections with actual results.

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Google Calendar Integration

You may set up a real-time, two-way integration between Growegy and Google Calendar, so Growegy will reflect your programs and tasks into a newly created Secondary Google Calendar helping you be up-to-date with all activities scheduled!

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Formula Fields

Learn how to create basic and advanced formula fields.

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Import and Export Instructions

You can transform all of the data from your Excel spreadsheet into Growegy.

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Roles and Permissions Growegy

Roles and Permissions Manual

At Growegy, we give you the power to customize access to data. We offer four roles: admin, user, guest and viewer. These roles provide different levels of restriction to data viewing and editing. This article summarizes all Growegy restriction capabilities.

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