How to Bridge the Gap Between Marketing and Sales

The problem of Sales and Marketing being out of sync is as old as the world. Often, teams end up in a “us versus them” situation instead of collaboration. One of the common reasons for this conflict and misalignment is that teams speak from different places: Marketing team speaks from top-of-funnel and Sales speaks from bottom-of-funnel. However, these two departments have a mutual impact on each other. Even if both Marketing and Sales have a strong understanding of how a company’s funnel looks, unfortunately, it’s not enough. Teams need to apply the right tactics that will help you push leads from the top of that funnel to the bottom.

Marketers don’t know what to do to hit revenue goals; They are constantly asked what is happening and what the outcomes for the business are. It is infrequent that marketing knows how to translate and predict end of funnel performance. Sales, on the other hand, being blamed for not following up on leads or for an incorrect attribution. Sales team often relies on strategies that worked in the past to make the next sale.

We saw how misaligned Marketing and Sales teams are in a lot of companies, we saw how they blame each other for not hitting goals and how costly this war of blame can be for the organization. Lack of transparency and communication between Marketing and Sales divisions holds back growth and effectiveness of your organization.

How do you know your Marketing or Sales tactics are successful?

 If you don’t have an instrument to measure results of your efforts, you most likely walk blindly. Marketers aren’t typically provided the tools to understand how their activities are driving business outcomes. They can talk about leads and open rates and conversion rates but attribution in what drives the sales funnel and closed won deals is an abstract and imperfect exercise.

Ensure Marketing delivers Sales Pipeline. Predictably. Repeatably.

  • We start with project management functions, showing planning and timelines, representing activities in multiple views (calendar, table view, roadmap, and more).
  • We show the results of the campaigns and eliminate manual work by integrating with Salesforce that capture performance.
  • We analyze the performance and create future projections through a learning algorithm.
  • Finally, we recommend what additional or different programs to run to bridge the gap and ensure performance.

Recognizing that your Marketing and Sales teams are misaligned, is a first step on the way to living in harmony. It’s time to address the problem. As you bring your Marketing and Salespeople into better alignment, you help your business grow and reduce unnecessary tension and inefficiency. It’s a win-win! 

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